Global Change Days


Beacon 1: Welcome to the 21st Century: starting a liberating, structured Journey with Social Mapping



Maret Karaca

Caroline Tobaben-crop

Caroline Tobaben

Jannik Kaiser-crop

Jannik Kaiser

1: Past „This is where I come from” – Creating connections, discovering patterns & resources

2: Present “This is what I want to bring with me” – Clarifying useful resources & values

3: Future “This is where I want to go” – Creating our own compass

Debrief: Live Mapping with Jannik for Harvesting & Prototyping

Together with Caro & Maret, we will…

  • go on a Journey
  • reflect on our resources
  • Create our own compass by discovering our purpose
  • and together with Jannik, learn more about network visualisation as key tools
    (e.g. for liberating structures)


Together with Jannik, we will create…

A landscape for the 21st century which is capable to make the complexity around us tangible and accessible, consisting of:

  • Maps and tools for ourselves:
    reflecting on our purpose & calibrating our inner compass
  • Maps and tools for our network & communities:
    Creating a network visualisation

Why Liberating Structures?

Liberating Structures are a powerful set of tools to engage everyone and unleash the wisdom of the crowd. Everyone can contribute experiences, ideas and solutions and therefore actively shapes their own future. As for the future, Liberating Structures can help to bring together diverse and innovative perspectives to create a common ground for a vibrant Global Changemaker Community.

Beacon 2: An 'Open Space' Design Event

Challenging Collaborations: how to work with people you don't agree with.

18 JULY, 2 - 6 PM CEST


Mille Bøjer | Key Note


nik beeson | co-host

Tanja Murphy-Ilibasic-cropv2

Tanja Murphy-Ilibasic | co-host

The Global Change Days Festival was opened by Adam Kahane, a leading organizer, designer and facilitator of processes through which business, government, and civil society leaders can move forward on their most important and intractable issues, and author of ‘Collaborating With the Enemy: How to Work with People You Don’t Agree with or Like or Trust’.

In this Open Space event we wish to carry forward Adam’s workshop. In turbulent times – which we are certainly in – there can be a sense of peril and anxiety. When people get scared they react more instinctively, and defensively, and can become more deeply entrenched and polarized which makes moving forward together on crucial issues even more challenging.

This Open Space event is designed as a regulator to polarisation: to bring together diverse people with diverse points of view to learn to collaborate and work with people we don’t agree with.

The Open Space will be opened by Mille Bøjer – a director (with Adam Kahane) of REOS Partners, a social enterprise specializing in large multi-stakeholder collaborations. Mille has worked over the past 15 years on projects for systems change at community, national, regional and global levels, on topics including justice transformation, education, sustainable production and consumption, democracy, drugs, civil society, and regional economic transitions.  She is the author of the chapter “Transformative Scenarios Process: How stories of the future help to transform conflict in the present” in the Berghof Handbook on Conflict Transformation and co-author of the book “Mapping Dialogue: Essential Tools for Social Change”, which outlines a variety of transformative dialogue tools and change processes.

Beacon 3: Transformational Leadership for a vibrant global community of changemakers


In this global leadership crisis (some call it “corona crisis”) bold, visionary and transformational leaders are needed. This is the time for us to take a stand and provide what´s missing. Like Gloria Estafan sang “Get on your feet – Stand up and take some action”. Let´s share what we have already done and achieved and build on that vast experience. Let´s co-create what is needed from us now. Let´s explore what are the main characteristics of a transformational leader and what mindset is needed. Let´s generate some ideas or even projects: What are the most strategic actions you could take, individually – or some of us together? The second part of the session is inspired by 5×5 Teams and their Prelude Suite and their process of helping virtual teams to gain a level of psychological security with an immediate effect on the way all team members collaborate which each other.
Erik Schumb-crop

Erik Schumb

Vincent Gruendler-crop

Vincent Gründler