Global Change Days


Beacon 4: Embodied Action - The combined dance of body and mind as a tool for better living and working

4 September, 4 - 7 PM CEST

This Beacon builds in the GCD Wellbeing, Health & Resilience stream and follows a holistic approach of wellbeing addressing both physical and psychological states. We believe that now more than ever before we need to centre our minds, our hearts and our bodies to build up resilience.

We are offering you three different appoaches covering mindfulness, resilience and embodiment methods. We are inviting you to choose, to enjoy the premiere of our Embodiment Jam and to get equipped – together!


15:45 Welcome for Check-in
16:00 Starting sharp
16:30 Three parallel Workshops: Body-Mind, Resilience & Mental Archery
18:00 Plenum: Sharing the Harvest plus Bio-Break
18:30 Embodiment Jam (a taster of the three Workshops by Odile, Juan Pablo, Annette)
19:00 Campfire
20:00 End of Session

WORKSHOP 1 | Body-Mind. Experiencing inner ease
by Odile Seitz Walser, Berlin

With Body-Mind Centering® we will experience how the body and its anatomy can be a support in order to experience integrity and confidence. Feeling of oneness, inner stabiity and trust offer a precious base in oder to accept changes and to adapt with ease to external transformations. How can we act with creativity and lightness in challenging situations and when new tools are requested? 

WORKSHOP 2 | Resilience. Our natural system to effectively deal with changes
by Juan Pablo Escorcia , Berlin

Change is the only constant in life, so why is it so hard for some of us to change? Resilience is the ability we have to use changes as opportunities to grow. During this interactive workshop we will explore why is it sometimes so hard to change and I’ll present some concrete tools to train our body and mind to be more resilient to deal with changes in crises. 

WORKSHOP 3 | Mental Archery Inside Out. Embodied leadership, connection & trust
by Annette Birkholz, Berlin

Archery is a blueprint for (self)leadership: intuition, mindfulness, attitude, dignity, focus, release, sovereignty, balance, strategy, patience, finding the right moment, braveness – just to name a few of the many resources that are connected with intuitive archery. This experience-based workshop is for those who want to shift reactive reflexes to responsive choices.

Annette Birkholze-crop2

Annette birkholz

Juan Pablo Escorcia-crop

Juan pablo escorcia

odile seitz-crop

Odile Seitz

Beacon 5: an invitation to join the Australian Change Days Opening ceremony

10 September, 6 PM Perth (GMT+8)


Do you lead change or strive to make a difference?

What if we bring our collective effort to bear in new ways to address increasingly complex challenges?

Somewhere between a conference and a festival is the space for Change Days.

Come and be a part of the first Australasian Change Days virtually!

The Australasian Change Days Community (ACDC) will

•  Provide a unique space and opportunity for people who are passionate about change to: connect, share, debate, learn and evolve the practice of Change Management.

•  Be a place where participants share and learn from and with an inclusive, evidence-based community of practice, looking to experiment with leading edge approaches to lead change in organisations and communities

•  Invite participants to create connections with others based on shared values

•  Give space and time to foster new connections (making friends) and nurturing existing connections (strengthening existing friendships)

Visit the ACDC website.


Sarah Glenister


Holger Nauheimer


Simone Heng


Darryl Conner

Beacon 6: The Building Blocks for Creating Trust

25 September, 2 PM CEST

Karin Ovari and Vicky Miethe would like to offer a session on Psychological Safety. Bringing our collective wisdom as conversational intelligence, safety behaviour and neuroscience coaches, we will explore the impact of psychological safety in times of change. In the words of Timothy R. Clark: Psychological safety is a social condition in which you feel included, safe to learn and contribute, as well as safe to challenge the status quo. All without fear of being embarrassed, marginalised or punished in some way.

We are living in rapidly changing times, and our feelings of safety are being challenged at every level from the interpretation of language, emotional assessments and our biological well being.

The success of any community, team, organisation and relationship is built on the sense of inclusion at the outset. We will explore the current moods and emotions you may find yourself in these present times and how to interpret them for your benefit. You will learn to understand the 4 stages of psychological safety.


Karin Ovari

Vicky Miethe-crop

Vicky Miethe